The Women Prayer Meeting is a group in All Saints Anglican Church Surulere which consist of married women with the aim of propagating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in Love, Unity and Understanding. And it has been in existence since the onset of the Church.

  • To encourage the propagation of the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and engage in charitable works and other activities of the Church.
  • To promote Love, Peace, Understanding and Cooperation among members of the group and the Church in General.
  • To train and develop individual members with a view of attaining spiritual advancement and true worship of God.
  • To encourage members to engage actively in Church activities.

  • To train and develop individual members by laying a foundation that would promote the spiritual advancement and the true worship of God through Bible Study and Prayers.
  • To develop leadership skills and team spirit among women.
  • To inculcate virtue and morals in our young members (women) both at home and in the Church.


We have the Vicar of All Saints Anglican Church Surulere or one of the Assisting Priest as appointed by the Vicar. He will have a spiritual oversight of the organisation.


The WPM consist of Women’s Guild (WG) and the Mothers Union (MU)


It is for all adult female who are married either by traditional or court marriage, those who are wedded in the church and register with a token fee.

Membership into Women’s Guild (WG). This is by enrollment. She must be a registered member of WPM

Membership into the Mothers Union (MU). This is only opened to women who have being enrolled into the Women’s Guild (WG) for at least one year. And is only for women who are duly wedded or have received marriage blessing in the church.


Thursday every week by 4pm

2nd Saturday every month by 4pm


When the WPM started, it had lay persons as leaders until Mrs Maduoma came in as the Vicar's wife and insisted that the Vicar’s wife should be the President of the WPM while the Lay Person will come in as Chairman. We had women like Mrs Eunice Umeh (Women Secretary), Mrs Dorothy Ejindu.

Currently we have the following positions and women occupying the office:

Mrs Uche Agbazue

The President - Vicar’s Wife Mrs Ijeoma Onwuakpa
The Vice President Curates Wives:

  • Mrs Juliet Nwachukwu
  • Mrs Lechi Ukachukwu
  • Mrs Christy Nwakerendu
The Co-ordinators The Group Leader
Group 1 Mrs Ijeoma Obiachonu
Group 2 Lady Afelenu Nwokedi
Group 1 Lady Loveth Eze
Group 1 Mrs Kelechi Nwankwo
General Secretary Mrs. Oluchi Uwa
Asst Secretary Mrs Kelechi Nwankwo
Financial Secretary Mrs Stella Akujieze
Asst Fin. Secretary Mrs Chinyere Ojini
Treasurer Lady Nkiru Akosa
Welfare Officers:
  • Mrs Love Ikoro
  • Mrs Ebong Ike
  • Mrs Amaka Oguike

Public Relations Officer
  • Mrs Blessing Okoli
  • Mrs Chika Nweze
Enrolling members Mrs Chinyere Mbaka
Mothers Union House Fellowship Co-ordinator Lady Afulenu Nwokedi
Spiritual Leader Lady Nkiru Akosa
Ladies and Girls Co-ordinator Mrs Nonye Oguama
Outreach Co-ordinator
The Ex-officials/ Advisers:
  • Lady Chibuzor Okolo
  • Dame Harriett Anara

Also the group has four sweeping groups. The names are:

  1. Group 1 - Glorious Women
  2. Group 2 - Peculiar Women
  3. Group 3 - Royal Women
  4. Group 4 - Precious Women