Motto: Arise and Shine

Emblem: the emblem of the fellowship consists of shining stars, Dove, Bible and two twinges joined to form the letter “V” enclosed in a heart design, signifying the following:

  • Shinning Stars: Stands for Christian light
  • Bible: Stands for the teaching of Christ
  • Twinges: Stands for young people
  • Dove: Angel of God “HOLY SPIRIT”


The aims and objectives includes:

  • To help in teaching young ones to grow in the knowledge of Christian faith.
  • Devoting our time and resources towards the spreading of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Promoting Peace, love, unity and mutual understanding among members in particular and the Church in general.
  • Giving due recognition to the importance of fitness of the body, mind and the provision of suitable varied forms of recreation of the society.
  • Maintaining and following the exemplary life of Jesus Christ.

Brother Okezie Ihunaegbo Leader/President
Brother Chukwudi Okonkwo Vice President
Brother Daniel Okemefale Second Vice President
Sister Chika Nweze Secretary
Brother Obinna Nwokolo Asst. Secretary
Brother Chidi Agbadike Financial Secretary
Sister Ifeyinwa Akunwane Assistant Financial Secretary
Brother Sydney Okafor Treasurer
Sister Sabina Onoh Welfare
Brother Tochukwu Onyenagorom Assistant Welfare
Kelechi Akobundu PRO
Chibunna Okereke Provost
Chidi Ifeakandu Assistant Provost