Readers are communicant and subscribing Lay Members of the Church who shall have received license from the Bishop, the Dean or the Archdeacon to Perform the Duties of Readers


The Dean or the Archdeacon shall warn or correct any reader whose performance and conduct have been found wanting; the Dean or Archdeacon shall report to the Bishop any who refuses to heed any such warnings. If there is good reason to believe that a Reader is unable to perform his/her duties satisfactorily it shall be lawful for the Bishop to withdraw the Reader’s license after receiving and considering any representations which the affected Reader may wish to make.


There shall be two grades of Readers namely:

  1. Diocesan Readers who are appointed by the bishop and who, if invited, can read and preach in any church of the Diocese.
  2. Parish Readers who are appointed by the Bishop on the recommendation of the Archdeacon to perform the duties of a reader in the Parish Church stated in their license.


The duties of a Reader shall be as set out in the Regulations for Readers.


Readers shall be appointed by The Bishop, The Suffragan Bishop, The Dean or The Archdeacon as set out in the regulations.


No person not holding a license as stated above may conduct public worship, preach in Church, without special permission. Nothing in the regulations made under this constitution shall prevent the person from assisting in the conduct of Sunday School and Bible Classes with the Approval of the Clergyman in Charge.