– Sermon compiled Ezeani Flora Chinenye

Who is a Godly father? A Godly father is a man who is trustworthy in the sight of God to command his children to obey God. Children are easily influenced by what they see the fathers do, than what he says.

Gen 18:19 “For I have known (chosen, acknowledged) him {as my own}, so that he may teach and command his children and sons of his house after him to keep the way of the Lord and to do what is just and righteous, so that the Lord may bring Abraham what he has promised him.”

“Only the children who are commanded will be in command”.

Characteristics of a Godly Father:  These are examples set by Bible characters and in men who have succeeded in being Godly fathers in our time. We will take these characteristics from the first letters of the word that spell the word father.


        A Godly father has to be faithful to God who gave him the authority to become a father. He has to show faithfulness in everything God has given to him, even the riches God blessed him with. He should teach his children this faithfulness in wealth; teach them how to pay their tithes.

He has to be faithful to his wife. He should be a man of one woman. Naturally, men are not wired to be faithful to one woman, but a Godly father, will stay faithful, even when he is far, the woman will be at peace knowing that her husband will stay faithful to her.


Every Godly father ought to be affectionate towards God. They are expected to love their wives; this love will spur the faithfulness. It is uneasy for a woman to submit to her husband and uneasy for a man to love one woman but to be a Godly man, you have to love your wife.

A man may  be tempted to cheat on his wife, but he can avoid this temptation by talking to the wife about the temptation, if he can boldly talk to her about it, then he is certain not to fall into that temptation.


          A Godly father trusts God for everything, for his finance, for his family problems, everything that concerns his life and that of his family. When he trusts God and the wife knows it, there are some things she will not suggest.

A man who trusts God has a standard. He walks in this standard and because his wife knows about this, she will not make suggestions that will bring low the standard. She will act in accordance to the set standards.


          Honorable, honest. A Godly father is a very honest man. He is honest in everything he does. He would not tell lies because he doesn’t want to destroy the image of his family by telling lies. Whatever will dent his family image, and bring shame to his family, he stays away from it.

He will not cut corners and the children will learn integrity from him too. The children emulate what they see their father do, so when the father lies, cheats, defrauds people, the children will do likewise.

“If children understand that you are taking the exception rule, they will make the exception the rule the order.”


       A Godly father is not slothful. He does not sleep overtime, doesn’t hang out with wayward friends and come home with something for the family. An ungodly man does the opposite. Some men even bark at their wives, these same women have been made to become bread winners of the family by the same man who has no respect for them or honors them.

A Godly man thinks of ways to provide for the family and works hard so that the children do not become wayward in a bid to finding means to get things their father has not provided for them.


A Godly father rewards the children for work that is done well. He sets a standard for them and when they meet such standards, he rewards the efforts that have been put into achieving the success. 

Rewards are motivating tools. If a father encourages the child to something and have it done in a good way, the father ought to give the child something that will motivate the child to keep working hard and achieve greater successes.

It is not out of place to also reward the wife for things she has done. This shows that you appreciate your wife and she will be pleased to do more.


  • He is the priest of the house. Deut. 6: 1-10.
  • He is a leader. Ecc. 10:16-17