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Success occurs when someone is able to achieve something that he or she has been trying to do or get. It is when someone gets the positive intended result of business or ventures embarked upon. To be successful is not a mean task. It is plotted on a path, and for it to last, the path must be a sustainable one. Sustainable path to success represents the ingredients and resources one has to employ in attainable a durable success.
These ingredients are made manifest in the lives of the couples that were intervened by the Editional Team. I have related with these personalities at one level or the other. Sir and Lady Jona Eze worship in All Saints Church, Surulere where I am presently the Vicar. Surveyor (Chief) Kayode Akinbola, being a surveyor, related to us when I was the Secretary of the Lagos Diocesan Building and Plans Committee. Mr Kayode Sonaike is the Chairman of the Lagos Mainland Diocesan Stewardship College, where I function as the Chaplain. Having interacted with them, I can testify that they posses these ingredients for laying the sustainable path to successes
These are:

1. Commitment to God:
Success comes in diverse forms and lasts for some period. However enduring success which lasts for long period is hinged on one’s commitment to God. He desires partnership with man. Once God sees a person who is deeply committed to Him, He carries the fellow and builds him or her up. People in the Bible who had demonstrated long lasting success were those highly committed to God. Abraham and David are clear examples. Due to David’s commitment to God, he was promised to always have a lamp before the Lord in Jerusalem. It means the House of David will never lack a man on the throne. It is through this platform that Jesus Christ; the King of Kings has come to reign. God values commitment to Him and one of the elements of laying the sustainable path to success is commitment to God

2. Vision
Where there is no vision, the people perish. Paul in Acts 26:19 says “Therefore King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision” Paul’s mandate was “to be a chosen vessel of Christ to bear His name before Gentiles, Kings and the children of Israel and to be shown how many things He must suffer for the sake of Christ’s name” (Acts 9:15-16). Anyone who desires to achieve success must be totally committed to a vision. Is it the vision to build a sound ministry? Or to raise godly children? Or to build a solid business outfit? There must be a driving force before success can be achieved. It was the driving force of vision that kept Paul going. At a point in Acts 21:13, he said “What do you mean by weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus”. No wonder, he was the most successful of all the apostles. Apart from Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul ranks the next important personality of the New Testament ere. All because he was highly committed to his vision.

3. Being Focused
Sustainable success cannot be accomplished if the path is not shaped with focus. A rolling stone gathers no mush. A good number of people will usually begin well, but along the way such persons lose their focus and derail. King Saul was someone who began on a good footing. The incidence of 1Kings 11 where he mobilized the army of Israel to save Jabesh Gilead from the hand of the Ammonites. He knew why God called him to be the commander over the Lord’s people. However along the way, King Saul missed the mark when he disobeyed God in not completely annihilating the Amalekites as instructed by God.
Being focused involved knowing exactly what to do and staying on it despite the challenges, successes or failures. It also will mean when to step up in one’s area because the person understands so well to be focused on it.

4. Forgetting The Past

Some people have been ruined due to the fact that they continued to hold to the successes or weaknesses of the past. Paul admonishes in Phil 3:13 “but one thing I do, forgetting those things what are behind and reaching forward to those thing which are ahead”. The events of the past will remain a guide for the future. They do not determine what happens tomorrow. They only serve as a lesson
Always looking at the weaknesses of the past will lower our morale and cause discouragement and disillusionment, while looking at the successes, may bring pride and complacency. We ought to take one day at a time and endeavor to resolve the issues as they arise, using the experiences we have acquired over the years. Not to feel they would happen now as they did before.

5. Determination to Finish Strong
A strong determination to finish strong what one is doing has been noted as a platform for laying sustainable path to success. The resolve not to give up in the midst of challenges. The resolve to hold unto God to carry one through in the tasks or business or ministry. Afflictions, persecution, trial, disappointment, failures and disagreements might come, but a person on the sustainable path to success, will never give up, but be highly determined to finish strong.

6. Giving Attitude
One’s decision to give to people, community and Church lays a sustainable path to success. As one is giving to these mentioned areas, such a person is building fruits for harvest. He or she is laying treasures on earth and in heaven. Givers have always been blessed. The hand that gives is on top of the one receiving, so it is more blessed to give than to receive. In our contemporary times, and more importantly in the bible period, those who give lay a sustainable path to success.
Success is not a one day effort. It involves these and other ingredients as the sustainable path. When these are joined together, success is definitely inevitable.

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