Brief Historical Background

The call to serve in the sanctuary of the Almighty God as an Altar Server originated from the Bible.
In the Holy scriptures, Samuel was an example of an Altar Server who ministered before the Lord under Eli the high priest as recorded in 1 Samuel 1-3.
This is to say that the Servers Guild is as old as the church.

Altar Servers are ministers who are called by God to minister in His Sanctuary by assisting the Priests in carrying out their duties within the Altar and to the propagation of the Christian faith (doctrine)

The life of an Altar Server is the life of a true minister of God who is diligent in prayers and in studying of the Holy Bible in order to deepen his faith in Christ to the honor of God and to the edification of the church, as well as to promote unity, and peace among all Christian people.

Therefore, the call to serve is an obligation and not a privilege, Luke 12 : 35-40.


To ensure a conducive worshipping atmosphere within the Altar.

  • To care and maintain cleanliness of the Holy Communion vessels and the Altar itself.
  • To set the communion table and to serve the priest during services
  • To maintain decency and orderliness during worship.



In Christ we serve

Christmas Day White Cassock, Gold Amice and White Surplice
Other Seasons Red cassock and white surplice


Not yet chosen

Parish Every Saturday by 6pm in the church premises
Diocese The first Monday of every month by 5pm @ All Saints Church Yaba